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Excellent Schools Pa Issues Statement on Selection of New Philadelphia School Board

Posted 04.4.2018

The following is a statement from Steve DeMaura, Executive Director of Excellent Schools PA, on Mayor Kenney’s selection of the individuals who will make up the new school board for the Philadelphia School District.

“We applaud the appointment of the new, locally-controlled School Board, but now comes the hard part: Ensuring that all children, especially those who are economically disadvantaged, have equal access to high-quality schools.  Too many public schools in Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods are chronically underperforming, and the families whose children are stranded in them need options that give them a chance to achieve and succeed.  It should be the highest priority of the new Board to provide them.

Failing schools are a life sentence for too many families in Philadelphia, and they are tired of waiting for the same access, the same opportunities that wealthy children in the City already enjoy.  We challenge the new Board to change the status quo by making decisions that guarantee equal access to quality education.” 

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