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2017 NAEP Scores Show PA’s Achievement Gaps are Among the Worst in the Nation

Posted 04.10.2018

This morning the 2017 NAEP scores were released and, once again, PA found itself towards the bottom of the pack when compared to student achievement levels in other states. Below is a statement from our Executive Director, Steve DeMaura, on PA’s scores and what we need to do moving forward to improve educational outcomes for every student:

“Today’s release of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) shows that, even with an additional $1 billion flowing to schools in recent years, Pennsylvania’s achievement gap between economically disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers has landed the Commonwealth in the bottom half of states in almost every grade and subject tested. It is clear that money alone will not improve academic outcomes for students stranded in failing schools. We need meaningful reforms to ensure that every student, regardless off family income, has access to a high-quality school.

The data from the 2017 administration of the NAEP exams shows that Pennsylvania had the 7th largest achievement gap in scores for 4th grade students taking the Math assessment, and the 14th largest gap on the 8th grade Math portion. Family income should never determine the quality of education a student receives, and we must be committed to closing the achievement gap using multiple strategies that provide low-income families with high-quality educational options that best meet their needs. Our students deserve schools that will prioritize student growth and achievement, and the taxpayers of the Commonwealth deserve sound fiscal policy to ensure that tax dollars are spent to improve student outcomes.”

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