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Excellent Schools PA Issues Statement on the Senate Education Committee’s Passage of SB2

Posted 05.22.2018

The following is a statement from Steve DeMaura, Executive Director of Excellent Schools PA, on the passage of SB2 out of the Senate Education Committee earlier today.

“Over the past five years PA taxpayers have funneled nearly $15 billion into the state’s lowest achieving schools (the bottom 15 percent of schools based on PSSA and Keystone Exam results) and yet, despite the investment, little improvement has been made to improve the quality of these schools. This has left thousands of students stranded in failing schools and their families struggling to find a better alternative for their children.

Today, the Senate Education Committee took a step towards providing a life-line to the 215,000+ students currently trapped in PA’s failing schools by passing SB2 (which would establish Education Savings Accounts to students in the lowest achieving 15 percent of district schools). The quality of a student’s education should never be determined by zip code or financial constraints, which is why increasing high-quality school choice options and ensuring families can access those options is so important.”

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