Pennsylvania Charter School Facts

1. PA charter school funding has risen dramatically—to more than $2 billion—
because charter enrollment has risen from 91,000 to 169,000 in 10 years.

District enrollment statewide has declined by 159,000 during the same period.
Charter Enrollment Growth

2. However, charter growth has not reduced funding for school districts.

Net district revenue (after charter school payments are deducted) has increased on both
an absolute and per-pupil basis.

District Funding Rises

3. Funding for charter school students has grown, but on a per-student
basis it has consistently lagged district funding.

On average, charter students receive 17% lower funding.

Charters Receive Less Funding

4. Charter schools enroll far higher percentages of low-income, Black,
Hispanic and special education students than school districts.

PA Charters Enroll More Minority Students


Sources: PA Department of Education, Enrollment Reports and Annual Financial
Reporting, 2010-11 to 2020-21 (preliminary)

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